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AI is currently changing the world in terms of how we all do work, and one of the most popular ways that people use AI is to chat with a PDF or text document to quickly extract information without having to read the entire text document end-to-end. This is useful for both students and employees at companies alike because we all know reading and extracting information takes an incredibly long time.

One of the most popular tools in this space is ChatPDF.

In this article will review the main features of ChatPDF to help you determine whether it is the best tool for you.


ChatPDF has a very simple pricing structure of $20/month or $140/year (~$11/month).


ChatPDF offers different features for the free vs the paid tier.

Free Plan

Under the free plan, you are able to upload 2 PDFs every day with each PDF being up to 120 pages long. With each PDF you are able to send an unlimited number of messages.

Paid Plan

Under the paid plan, you get access to upload an unlimited number of PDFs and ask an unlimited number of questions to every PDF that you upload. Each PDF that you upload can be up to 2,000 pages long or can be around 32mb large.

Additionally, with a paid plan to ChatPDF you get access to, an AI writing tool to help you write papers faster with the help of AI. This is by far the biggest "X Factor" that ChatPDF has to offer compared to other PDF chat websites out there.

Who Should Subscribe To ChatPDF?

We'll be the first ones to say that no matter which pdf chat software you choose, they will all do a great job of chatting with the PDF to help you extract insights much more quickly compared to if you were reading the PDF yourself.

ChatPDF is the best option for folks who also want to have a writing companion as you get access to when you upgrade to ChatPDF Plus — no other pdf chat software provides you with that ability.

If you are someone that is looking a chat PDF website that also provides you with a chat PDF API (helpful if you are a developer) or if you are someone that wants to be able to share your PDF chats with other people (within a company or a group project, for example), might be the better solution for you. (Click here to read our review)

If you are someone that is looking for a PDF chat website that lets you take notes and chat with your PDF at the same time, you might want to look into Nexus. It's a much more "hybrid" solution that lets you take notes and chat with your pdf all in one website rather than only letting you chat with your PDF. Nexus also offers multi-paper chat which lets you ask one question to multiple papers at once, allowing you to compare and contrast answer between multiple papers. Also, Nexus is significantly cheaper compared to and ChatPDF as it comes in at only $7/month or $50/year. (Click here to read our Nexus review)

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